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About IELKA (Institute of Retail Consumer Goods – GR)

IELKA is a non-profit research organization founded in October 2010 in Greece. IELKA’s goals are:

  • To promote scientific research and to execute empirical studies on emerging issues of grocery retail
  • To provide objective information about the main indicators and trends of retail business
  • To cope with emerging problems /challenges and suggest possible solutions with scientific justification
  • To collaborate with similar Greek and foreign institutes, universities, research organizations etc in order to jointly promote research and initiatives

IELKA’s mission is achieved by maintaining scientific and academic neutrality and objectiveness. The methods, tools and practices used by IELKA include

  • Research/surveys produced in-house , assigned or in collaboration with other organizations
  • An observatory for the main figures and indexes of grocery retail in Greece
  • Publications, articles and press relishes
  • Events, conferences, seminars, workshops

Recent Research and reports include:

  • Research on Greek Consumer Trends in Grocery Retail (Jan. 2011)
  • Progress of retail prices in Grocery Retail in 2010 (Mar. 2011)
  • Comparison of indicative basket prices in Greece, England and Spain (Apr. 2011)
  • Progress of retail prices in Grocery Retail in the 1st quarter of 2011 (May 2011)
  • The contribution of Grocery retail sector in the Greek Economy – Industry report (Jun. 2011)

For further information please contact:
Dr. L. Kioses, Director of Research Studies
IELKA (Institute of Retail Consumer Goods), 62 Kifissias Avenue, Marousi, Greece, tel.: +30 212 1019954, e-mail: info@ielka.gr, website: www.ielka.gr